Elisabeth Lau Kieffer, danish ceramicist and designer


1984 – Degree in Ceramics and Glass Studies from The Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Copenhagen.


1987 -1988 Danish Academy of Fine Arts -Adjunct Professor and Developer of Materials for ceramic wall pieces. In charge of the implementation of Professor Poul Gernes public ornamentations in Copenhagen schools.


1992 – Establishes a studio in Raadvad, Denmark.


1990 – 94 – Teacher of Ceramics in Copenhagen County


2009 and 2010- postgraduate work at The Ceramic Research Center, Skælskør.


2009- Member of ceramic artist group -‘World on a Plate’


2010 – 2012 Member of the Shop for Setting Tables , Copenhagen.


Has received numerous grants including the Danish Arts Council Working Grant in 2011


Actively exhibiting, latest in 2018.



Since establishing her own studio, Elisabeth has worked on numerous assignments from both architects, restaurants and private customers while simultaneously developing her own designs. She creates these pieces and the material for them from scratch. She mixes her own porcelain. Her glazes are developed after numerous attempts.


She is constantly looking for ‘The Right Voice’. This she seeks through form, color and glaze. Her pieces are created to give inspiration and joy in everyday life.


Through her knowledge and experience of Scandinavian Design with its tradition of simplicity and emphasis on craft she has developed her own sensual, poetic trademark of expression.


Her motto and working method can best be described by the following words from the Ancients:




which, directly translated means ‘Hurry, Slowly’. Give yourself time to explore.



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